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An Interagency Research and Development Committee for Safer Ship Structures
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The SSC mission is to enhance the safety of life at sea, promote technology and education advancements in marine transportation, and to protect the marine environment. This will be done through advocating, participating in, and supporting cooperative research and development in Structural Design, Life Cycle Risk Management of Marine Structures, and Production Technologies.

What's New

  • The Committee is currently reviewing 2022 Research Project Proposals and will release the top ten projects as voted by the Committee in the near future.
  • The Committee is excited to announce the following five projects currently underway:
    • SR-1482: Digital Twin Methodologies for the Integration of Hull Monitoring Systems with Physics-Based Models to Support Ship Operations and Service Life Extensions
    • SR-1483: Revisions to Guidelines for Inspection/Repair of Steel Hulls
    • SR-1484: Localized Weld Repair of Aluminum Structures
    • SR-1485: Low Temperature Steel Selection
    • SR-1486: Strength of Welded Aluminum in Tension

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